It started as a mild argument between my friend and I. We were arguing about the existence of God – she was more religious than I was. Neither of us were atheists, but for the sake of argument I presented points like I was an atheist.

The argument got heated, and when it seemed like I was going to lose, I remembered a point from Genesis which I always disagree with. It’s the issue of the order of creation. I might have not won the argument if my friend wasn’t an extremist who believed everything she reads from the Bible. I do not believe the authors of the Bible were inspired in any divine sense to write those books. If we start to think less of the Bible as the 100% accurate book, then we’ll open our eyes to more knowledge.

At the end of the argument, I might have a friend who claimed that I had blasphemed and called God a liar, but I knew the truth would always win.

The order of creation

According to the Bible, light was the first thing created. This seemed to be in accordance with our natural science. But is it really?

In the beginning, the Earth was without form and the spirit of God moved over the waters. Then, God said, “Let there be light.”
The book of Genesis implied that the Earth was already at the beginning. Or in another sense, earth was present before light was created. Is this true?

Of course not! And I’ll tell you why.

The Big Bang Theory, which the church had said is in accordance of the Bible, tells us otherwise. After the cataclysmic explosion of space, it happened after a period of time that matter got created. But another ‘type of matter’ was also created, we call it antimatter because it has the opposite charges of matter. While matter has electrons and protons (and neutrons), antimatter has positrons and antiprotons.

The collision of matter and antimatter would cross each other out, but there would be a release of photons of light. This event is known as annihilation.

From this simple illustration which is a fact, I showed my friend that billions of years before earth was created, light had been created. My point could not be disproven. The early, simple universe which had both matter and antimatter didn’t have earth in existence, yet.

Unless, the Bible was being metaphorical, I do not believe that, “Let there be light!” actually was the event that created light. I had read in a Jehovah Witness’s book that when God commanded light to be, he was actually creating light on earth and not else where. The book argued that perhaps light from the sun hadn’t reached earth yet, or is blocked. So when God said, “Let there be light”, he brought light to be on earth.

Earth Before Stars?

And on the fourth day, God created the stars.

I knew this point would silence her. It just can’t be! The Bible is stating very clearly that God created the stars on the fourth day. Just like the argument above, the Bible was essentially saying that the earth had been in existence before the stars.

This notion would not strike me if the Bible were just any other ancient book. But as most Christians would believe, it isn’t. Their Bible is 100% accurate, they would say. If there is any part of the Bible which isn’t accurate, then the credibility of the entire book is in question. After all, it is the word of God and God is perfection.

To me, the credibility of the book is in question. I would never believe that earth was created before stars. The Bible wasn’t talking about some stars here. It was stating very clearly that prior to this event, there was no star. This argument would even bring the notion that light was created in the first day into question.

After the big bang, some simple atoms were created and the simplest element was first created, and that is Hydrogen. For more complex elements to exist, hydrogen would have to fuse and this fusion process is what happen in stars. This reaction releases high temperatures and is what makes stars hot.

From simple logic, the simple elements would come before the more complex ones. It’ll take a long time for the  elements to get to iron or any other element earth is composed of.

This has shown us simply that stars have to exist before earth because simple elements would come before complex ones. Without stars, the universe wouldn’t have complex elements to begin the creation of planets like earth.

As I said earlier the notion that stars are created on the fourth day would put our earlier argument in question. This is because without stars there would be no light. The authors of the Bible never seemed to acknowledge that the sun itself is a star, and so it is easier for them to think the sun, which apparently provides light to earth, is created in the first day.

The light we get from the sun at this very moment is 8 minutes old. This is because it takes light 8 minutes to get to the earth. What about other stars that are very far away from us? Light stars reaching the Earth today are probably thousands of years old. So, it is clear that for light to have existed on earth, stars and sun must have been created long before the earth and not after.