As a scientist, I have always been a person with a particular goal which is to search for the truth. I have written many blogs which I usually end up deleting because the search for this truth is usually very difficult and not many people care about the findings. I, however, will continue in my path to look for the truth, speak the truth, teach and publish what is true and not conceal any part of the truth.
In this path as a scientist, I cannot ignore the harsh reality of our daily life. The terrorists have come to take over our world. Many Islamic terrorists have risen to power, and increasing number of people are beginning to be islamophobic. Some will complain that it is hard to react with Muslims that are not even fundamentalists because they might just easily flare and cause trouble. We see that most of the world is living in harmony, peace and co-operation. All these are absent in Muslim societies. 

Whenever countries like Syria, Iraq and Libya are mentioned, evils and terror is usually conjured. The Muslim society is now the perfect picture of a life of poverty, fear, malnutrition, war, corruption, among other problems which they face.
I was aware of these problems and like a person who believes the pen is mightier than the sword, I egan to learn more about Islam. Some sources tell me that the religion is a religion of peace while others tell me that the Koran, the religion’s holy book, actually contains some verses which allows violence. This will be discussed much later. 
Because of these problems, I set myself creating a one-month writing project trying to keep in touch with the latest news on Islamic terrorism and more importantly, why are there terrorists? What do they want from us? What led this group of Muslims to become fundamentalists and at the end of the day begin to attack and kill countless people? Is anything with Islam that made Muslims become violent? Is Islam actually a religion of peace? 
The events of Islamic terrorism which had started with a new dimension since the 9/11 event in 2001 had caused a fear in people at the sight of Muslims and of Islam in general. We call this islamophobia. 

In this month of March till May, there shall be series of news, and articles concerning Islamic terrorism. 

Thanks For Reading And Happy New Month!