This blog has been restructured to give way to some original writing by me and I would like to use this blogging platform to share some of the stories I write. Writing has always been my passion and sharing what I’ve written to the public has always been a big leap for me.

In 2015, I started blogging about what I love the most – science. I love to talk about science and teach it but when it came to blogging about it, my resources were not enough and the audience was not encouraging so I quit blogging for a while in 2016. In December 2016, I came back to the blogosphere and I created this new blog and since then this blog has moved through several changes. But one thing is certain. And that is I would like to use this blog to share my original writing.

The first which I am going to share is titled: The Last Light which is really a short story about a Nigerian woman who went through lots of difficulties. I wrote this short story to be deal with the problems the feminine gender still faces in our so-called civilized world.

While writing The Last Light, I moved the story to talk about the current Islamic terrorism which battles us all. I, however, noticed that writing in the first person, as I did in The Last Light, would not be suitable for such a story and that would mean I would write a second book which would talk about it more.

I have decided to share each chapter of The Last Light once every Tuesday and this would go on for 12 weeks before we get to the end of the book. Thank you as you read. Do not forget to share to your friends.