Growing up in a third world country like Nigeria has indeed been a thing that has shaped my life in a particular way. Generally, scientific research is more common with developed countries – they even spend billions in space research.

I feel that there’s too little science involvement in this country and it affects us a lot in more ways than we know. Science students often end not being able to find their dream works and so might end up working in banks, which is not their field in any way. 

The level of involvement can be improved if the government supports the sector amidst the economic crisis. 
It can also be improved if science students become more productive and creative. We should not forget Emeagwali who invented the super computer. You can be the next. Perhaps, there is a concept in physics waiting to be unveiled by you just like Einstein opened up relativity, and by so doing, helped our world in more ways than he ever knew. 
Don’t forget the entertainers and the authors . They’re creative and they’re stunning the world. It means the same can be achieved from this sector.
I would really love to see, perhaps, withing the next decade, a country whose aim would be to uplift science … I hope to see that in Nigeria.