As I remember the wedding, I smiled. My parents and siblings were there to support and I was able to laugh and dance with the guests. I know that so many ladies would wish to be in my place right now, so they shot me envious looks and looks that asks ‘what’s so special about her?’. I was not also ignorant of the fact that since the men could marry more than one wife, these ladies wouldn’t stop until they get what they wanted and so they chase after rich married men so they could end up as one of the wives. The wedding was one of the happiest day in my life, I could hardly imagine that a day before I was angry and disappointed in my parents. 

 I knew I had a spirit with an insatiable desire. Nothing could ever satisfy me. But strangely, after marrying Rasaq, I felt satisfied for the first time in my life. I knew then that he held the key to my heart and I mustn’t let anything happen to him. I had fallen in love with him since after the wedding and everyday has been one adventure after the other. 

About being the sex slave part, Rasaq wasn’t joking. He wanted me to be his submissive, permit me to use the word, when it comes to sex. His great golden spear filled with fire plunged into me several times and which penetrated into my entrails. He expects me to satisfy his insatiable libido morning, afternoon and night, at all times. At first, it was fun and exciting but now, I need a break from it all. Though, I can’t deny wanting him right now. I looked at my wedding ring, the golden jewellery shone with a characteristic beauty that’s divine. I am now Mrs Halema Yerima. 
Now I’m on an aeroplane travelling to London, United Kingdom. It’s been two months since the wedding and so far it’s been enjoyable. Rasaq had employed a private tutor to teach and educate me. The learning has been fun. I can now construct some simple sentences in English language. Though, I occasionally make some mistakes Rasaq would frown at. There was a particular day I had asked him where the natives of the English language lived. He told me that even though English is spoken almost everywhere in the world, the language originally belonged to the British. I told him I would like to visit the country. He laughed and told me that my English needs some improvement. It seemed impossible to him that I could understand some things in the language in such little time. But I proved myself to be a fast leaner. Even though, I have problems understanding some of the things he said, I knew I would soon be able to speak just like him. Each time I thought about this, I felt very happy deep inside me. 

The time for the holidays came and he decided to make me happy by making us visit the UK. He warned that I may not be able to understand all that was said. But he promised that, since I would be living with people speaking English all the time, I would become fluent before we return to Nigeria. The holiday there was to last two months. The plan was to spend Christmas in the United Kingdom before returning to Nigeria, even though, as Muslims, we don’t celebrate Christmas. 
The aeroplane took off. I began to shake. He asked me what the problem was, but I couldn’t quite express myself. Then, I told him in Native Hausa. He laughed and said, “You’re afraid of height”

“I’m afraid of height”, I repeated after him, testing the new sentence in my mouth. My anxiety to see London coupled with my phobia made the flight seem interminable. 
London was a marvellous scene. After landing at the Heathrow airport, Rasaq and I got off the plane with our few belongings.  We got into a cab and Rasaq gave him the address of the place we were going. I presumed we were going to a hotel. I looked around the city from the cab. It’s so different from Nigeria. Even Lagos, which was regarded in high esteem in Nigeria, which I had visited once with my husband, cannot be compared with this city. Lots of people, and cars moved around. The traffic lights and the brightness of the city at night amazed me. Even in Lagos, when night came, people were thrown into darkness. Also, I wouldn’t forget the cold atmosphere which is a lot different from that of Nigeria. Rasaq told me we visited London when it is colder. I prefer the heat to this cold atmosphere but I thought I could learn to live with it. Apart from the cold, I felt I could live here forever. I can’t believe that just two months ago I was still at my father’s house. It seemed like it has been a year. The past two months has been filled with events. We received a lot of visitors, most of them were Rasaq’s. Some of them were from other parts of Nigeria while some were coming from other countries. I wondered why they would leave a country just to meet my husband. Most of Rasaq’s visitors had complimented me saying nice things you say to people to make them feel happy. Things like, “You’re very beautiful”; “Your smile is like that of an angel and your teeth is a perfect set of thirty-two”. I knew that in my case that they were all true. I have grown to love the way I looked since I was twelve. 

Rasaq had taken me to Lagos for two weeks and we stayed at the Eko hotel and suites, an expensive hotel in Victoria island, which can only be afforded by the rich. Rasaq wanted us to stay at his house at Ilupeju area, which was far away but then the Atlantic Ocean had appealed to me and I didn’t want to be too far from it so I told him we should stay at a hotel instead. 
The sudden halt of the car pulled my mind to the present and I was back in the cab. The cab dropped the both of us at the front of a mighty house. I looked at it from where I stood and I noticed that I couldn’t see it all. The house is what I can call a mansion. Most part of the house is hidden from view with large trees decorating it all. A section of the house which is prominent, I guess should be the main house, has a large gate which is painted black. This section is separated from the others and it is basically, a three-storeyed, sky-blue painted house which is decorated with about five big vases of beautiful flowers. Rasaq began when we started walking towards the main house, “This mansion belongs to my father. He built it many years ago – up to three decades now”. His later remark made me look around and like the first time I looked around, I was wowed. 
I couldn’t believe my ears. He owned houses here too? I replied, “Then your father must be very rich.” 

He must really like to be praised for he smiled with pride. Of course, his father is rich! There are so many poor people in my village begging for food, begging in order to survive. His father wouldn’t lend any hand. Here is he painting the world with his houses. I wondered if he had stayed in all of them. “Not only is he rich, he has a green card and a permit to own properties in this country”, he explained and while he did so, he gesticulated while his head bobbed up and down, the way a wall lizard would when it pauses from its climbing. I shot him a confused look and he explained what a green card was. “A card for granting permanent residence for foreigners”.  I didn’t know what to say to the fact his father had one so I simply stared at him the way a primary school student would stare at the blackboard while the teacher is teaching. 

I don’t feel very comfortable with conversations that were packed with information I don’t know much about. And yes, this happens a lot with Rasaq but I must admit I’ve learnt more the two months I’ve spent with him than ever. 

Either Rasaq didn’t like to talk much about his father (I don’t know much about the man) or he sensed I was not comfortable with the current conversation, he quickly said to change the topic, “Now, that we’re here in London, in your word ‘land of the natives of English language’, what are the things you’d like to do?”
“Really, I haven’t thought of that but now that you mention it let me see. ” I gave myself a minute to think hard but my brain ventured no answer. I shook my head,” I don’t know what I’d like to do. I suggest you treat me to whatever comes to your mind. ”

He stopped and then, turned to face me. His eyes are now dark and sexy and full of desires. I could get lost in those dark, brown eyes. My body shook when he uttered the first sentence and I developed goose pimples. At times, I wonder how he could cause such a change in me by simply talking. “Halema, we both know we didn’t get married the conventional way.”, he paused for effect, “We married in order to satisfy our parent’s wish. We didn’t marry for love. I’d like to use this London holiday to start afresh.” 

What? Not now when I’m so close… Not now when I’ve fallen in love with you. 

My face lost its colour. I asked, “What do you mean by start afresh?” 

“It’s very simple. We remain married as husband and wife. However, we act like we’re just meeting ourselves for the first time. ”

 I nodded. I preferred the first sentence to the last. He spoke up again, “Humm… My name is Rasaq. It’s really nice to meet you…”, he prompted me to provide my name. 

“Halema. “, I said,” It’s really nice to meet you too. ”

I don’t know if it’s the London atmosphere or the conversation, but it really feels like a new beginning.