My brain is currently busy for the moment. It’s firing those pleasure hormones because it feels so good now. Ah, I’m in paradise. Rasaq had driven me home and had taken me up to his bedroom. I had a cold shower and a change of clothes, then I went to join him on the bed. He smells so heavenly and he’s looking at me like I’m an angel from heaven. I’m really lucky to have such a man.

He started sending trails of kisses all over my body and my nerves began to ignite. Cold shivers ran through my body. I moaned, and he said, “”, and the way he mentions my name makes me lose all sense of consciousness. He began to move up and down my stomach, he then placed his hands on my breasts and cup them in his hands. My breasts became sensitive and responded to his touch. My nipples harden and my breast rises as he touches them. He bit my left nipple gently and I cried, “Oh! Please.”
He paused for a while and then he continued. My subconscious performed rounds of somersaults. She has also missed this. He stopped biting the left nipple, then he moved to the right nipple. He bit it until it hardens and responds to his every touch. I cried, “Rasaq!”

He stopped biting the nipples a little while longer, then he began to rub his hands all round me. And then, I hear the tear of the gold foil packet. Good, we have protection

He wore the sheath around his erection expertly and I wonder how many women he’s slept with. I met his erection with my vagina. He dipped his erection down my vagina and moved its way into my clitoris. He began to move up and down, in and out. He created a rhythm as he’s inside me. I love him being inside me. I just want him to stay there forever. He began to circle my clitoris with his erection. Pleasure began to build around me. This is the best night in a long time. Where have you been?

He applied pressure once again, and I met him body for body. He kissed my mouth so passionately with his tongue moving in and out. I couldn’t focus. His erection was serving me enough pleasure down there, his touch ignites those pleasure hormones, and his kiss is just so electric. 
He stills inside me and I begged, “Please.” Right on cue, he thrust himself into me again and I finally exploded. My orgasm had finally come and I was so wet. At that particular moment, I screamed, “Rasaq!”

I woke up and I was a little disoriented for a while. Rasaq was sleeping beside me and we were in his bedroom. This is the first night since we’ve been in London that Rasaq actually slept with me. I turned to look at him. He looked so handsome and calm in his sleep. I wondered how many girls out there who are ready to do anything just to get him. The thought just wants me to hold on to him tighter. He stirred and slowly, he opened his eyes, just like the early morning flowers open their petals. He smiled and said in a dreamy voice, “How are you?”

How am I? Really, I can’t express myself fully with language. I told him with my eyes and he understood. I had asked for more. My eyes had challenged him into another round. He shut his eyes briefly and when he opened them again, his eyes now express desire and want. He really wants me now! I was in control. He’s mine. And I won’t ever let him go. I could feel his cock harden beside me. In that moment, I try to imagine myself as a man in this very situation. Blood pumping away from the brain so that you’re fully controlled by emotions, like an animal. As their cock harden with blood pumping right into the vessels in it, so do they become so masculine in such a way that satisfies us. He began his kissing again. And all the hairs on my body begin to stand in response to his touch. All my nerves began to be excited once again. Oh, the way he makes me feel, I thought. 

He pulls down my pants and he dipped his fingers into my vagina. His finger went deeper into my clitoris. When his finger had reached there, he began to circle it in a very delicious, and slow manner. All my pleasure hormones have gone wild once again. Now, pain seemed to be another universe entirely. Every part of my body was writhing in pleasure. Rasaq really knows how to get me in the mood. He then removed his fingers from me and I moaned softly as he did so. He placed his fingers into my mouth. It was a little wet. I sucked his hands deeply just like a vampire would suck blood from a man’s veins.

He then placed his cock into my mouth and I bit it gently, delivering the very best blow-job known to mankind. As I bit him gently, he moaned and said, “F…u…c…k, Halema”. I was unable to think of anything else, I concentrated on him being in my mouth. I gently released his cock from my mouth’s grip, and I kissed it softly. I felt it harden and respond to me immediately. I was excited to know that I have such effect on him. 

Then he turned me over and I was bent on my knees making a bowing position. He slapped my buttocks gently; even it had responded to his touch. There’s something so arousing about him, He has a way of making even painful hits so sexually delicious. I was lost in the depth of pleasure when I heard the familiar tear of foil. Why? Does he have a store of that here?  He had placed his cocks gently inside it and dipped himself inside my vagina. And the familiar journey to my clitoris began. His breathing became shallow with each thrust he produced. He thrusted into me, and I met him back. He circled my clitoris with his cock, and the sensation it produced had been so deliciously good. My mind went to the celibates and priests. They do not know that which they miss. He created a rhythm with each thrust and I met him for each. The pulsating effect of him in me had been both numbing and delicious. I was slipping slowly into unconsciousness. My conscious state cannot handle that much pressure. Rasaq stilled, then he thrusted so deeply. I appreciated his masculine strength. He circled once again, and pulled his cock a little out, then he thrusted deep inside once again. In… Out… In… Out… I am insatiable when it comes to sex. I moaned, and begged, “Rasaq, Please”

My plea had energized him and he reached a climax at the next thrust. I exploded and I slipped into unconsciousness immediately. Having sex with Rasaq is the most enjoyable thing in the world. 

I woke up a little disoriented. What is the time? The sun had risen and the beautiful light had poured in with such brilliance that turned the whole room into a small-scale image of paradise. I turned beside me, and Rasaq was not there. Where is he? He must have woken up earlier and left. Last night had been the first night the two of us slept on the same bed after a long time. I sat in bed for a little while longer, then I stood up and turned to the bedside table. I saw a note. I opened it and read:

Halema, I had to leave very early this morning and I won’t be back till tomorrow. It was an urgent situation and I didn’t want to disrupt your sleep. Yesterday night was very fun.

I stood up and looked around the room. He won’t be back until tomorrow. I was missing him already. I walked out of the room and I walked right into the bathroom. Vivid images from last night kept pouring into my mind. It really felt like I was just having sex for the first time. Sweet and satisfying.

Immediately after shower, I wore my robe and went into the dining room. I’m pretty sure Rasaq would have ordered his workers to take proper care of me. Then it struck me that I should make proper use of the day by visiting places. But I do not know anywhere here, I could use a driver. 

Breakfast was an English breakfast which was very delicious. But it didn’t feel like any breakfast I had here. One vital ‘ingredient’ was missing. Rasaq. I miss him. I shook my head and scolded myself for not utilizing my one free day properly. 

I had asked the driver to take me to a local library. He looked at me with doubt as though to ask of all places, you choose to go to a library? He has no clue my English sucks. It’s time to fix that. 


I was happily clutching the book I had earlier purchased in my hands. I had enjoyed my stay in the library. There were so many books. I felt like I could live there for all eternity. The books had been so warm to me, protecting and guiding me, even though I couldn’t read much of what was written in them. My driver, Christian, had read me some passages which I enjoyed. I paused him at several intervals to ask him the meaning of some words and he happily said them to me. He was a nice British man. All white men seem nice to me. There’s something about them that makes them feel so divine. Their skin colour, their behaviour… I shook my head reminding myself skin colour doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean they’re special in any way. 

I was lost in my thoughts when I heard the sound of a car. My heart jumped. I knew he was back. Rasaq has missed me so much that he had left all for me. I visualize him running into my room with his hands wide open ready to give me the loveliest hug. But I was wrong. He wasn’t back for me.

I left the room. Impatience was beginning to eat through me and he seem to be taking forever to get to my room. After all, if the Mountains won’t come to Mohammed, Mohammed will go to the mountains. As I walked down to the living room, I expected to see a radiant face which would beam with surprise and love when he set his eyes on me. But when I saw him, I knew something had gone wrong. Never have I seen him so sad.

I behaved as if I couldn’t read his face and said, “I thought you were going to come back tomorrow.”

He opened his mouth to speak but tears came from his eyes. Seriously? “It was an emergency…”, more sobs then he said with his voice cold as death, “my dad is dead.”

I looked sad. I said, “Oh… I’m so sorry”. But was I? I knew the man would soon die. Rasaq knew that too. I just feel he’s overreacting a little. But who would not feel sad if he finds out his parent is dead? His sole parent? His mother had left his dad when Rasaq was little for reasons I do not understand. I mean, Rasaq’s father was rich, wasn’t he? Would any sane woman leave his rich husband to settle for an uncertain future? Rasaq’s father had loved her too much that it had crushed him and he refused to marry another wife even though family and friends and people who behaved as if they liked him in his presence had told him many times to.  

Rasaq didn’t say anything. I wonder what he’s going through. I spoke up, “What are we going to do now?”

He looked up at me and said sadly, “We’re getting on the next flight to Nigeria.” So much for a 2-month holiday.

“Okay. I’ll go pack.”, I said. And I couldn’t tell whether Rasaq didn’t hear or he didn’t want to respond. He just fixed his face on the floor.