Scylla and Charybdis was written by a man who had used the pseudo name, Homer. I discussed some parts of it in cryptic with Julia and she laughed it off. She is a person who finds it difficult to believe things at times. But the more I read the book, the more I learned, the more it made sense. But at most times, the book made half sense. It keeps giving reference to another book. It took time before it hit me that the book currently in my possession is SCYLLA and the other book is CHARYBDIS. I noticed this when I read the book under candle light. The letter S-C-Y-L-L-A was scattered on odd numbered pages in the book. I did the same on the even numbered pages and I read: W-H-A-T Y-O-U S-E-E-K F-O-R I-S I-N T-H-E B-R-T-I-S-H L-I-B-R-A-R-Y.
What you seek is in the British Library? If this book is telling me the location of Charybdis, then this is very simple. I flew to London, United Kingdom and I went to the library. I spoke to a librarian. I told him I was a historian working on a very obscure piece. I explained that I had come all the way from US to find a book named Charybdis. The librarian checked the database. There were numerous books matching my list. It isn’t possible to check them all. The instruction from the book had been simple. It had directed me here, so there was no mistake. 
It took me five minutes before it hit me. I told her to search for the following keywords: Sicily’s Charybdis… Terrorism… IS. The computer brought me the exact book I was looking for. It was also a manuscript, unpublished. I wondered why the two books were in the world’s biggest libraries. Curiosity kept pushing me. I opened Charybdis and I started getting answers to the questions I have been asking. The two manuscripts were written by the famous 20th century Egyptian, Sayyid Qutb. The name brought a chill. Sayyid Qutb happened to be an Islamic extremist who found odds with the way and manner Islam was practiced and taught around him. He had studied in the US in the late 1940’s for two years and was disgusted at what he judged unbridled godless materialism and debauchery. Qutb was eventually hanged in 1966 on charges of involvement in a Muslim Brotherhood plot to assassinate the nationalist professor, Gamal Abdel Nasser. 
Qutb’s ideas lived on in the 26 books that he wrote, which have been read by tens of millions. The terrorist, Osama Bin Laden had said, “Qutb was the one who most affected our generation.” Qutb has also been described as the “the source of all jihadist thought” and “the philosopher of the Islamic Revolution”
Wikipedia says Qutb published 24 books but it didn’t say anything about unpublished ones; but I have found the two unpublished ones. I knew certainly that someone else must have found these books before I did. Perhaps the person had ensured that they were not in the same place. I called a friend of mine who happened to be a historian. “Hey, Jackson”

“Halema! How are you?”, he replied. It has been long we spoke. I was pretty sure he has some exciting stories to tell me. History had never been my forte; Jackson had made me like it. The way he narrated historical events without the dates made me want for more. Of course, the dates were important. Later events are usually implications from an earlier one. It is important that the atomic bomb was made by the US during the WW2 and not after the bloody war. 

“What do you know about Sayyid Qutb?”, I asked and he was shocked. He hadn’t expected the question. I can almost hear him smile through the phone because he probably believes I have started improving my rusty history.  He started telling me the things I already know. “Tell me what Wikipedia hasn’t told me?”

He ignored the question, “Why are you interested in him?”

“Well, I might have found two of his unpublished books. Scylla and Charybdis.”

“You what?”, he exclaimed, “Where are you?”

“London. His books have been revealing much about the IS attacks we have been facing recently. I need a historian to guide me on this. You would help me, wouldn’t you?”

“You what?”, he exclaimed again, “I’m preparing for a flight to London now. I’ll be there with you in few hours. Email me your address”, he said before he hung up.

In the wee hours of the next day, I heard a knock on my door. It was Jackson. He said, “let’s get straight to work. Where is the copy of the book with you?”

I showed them to him. He stared at them as though he was dreaming. Then he began, “These books were believed to be written by Qutb between 1960 and 1963. As you might have calculated it was just few years before his death. Scylla and Charybdis was gotten from Greek mythology. It…”
“I already know that, Jackson. How do you know these books exist?”
“Well, it was in the works of a popular Historian, Lynn Douglas. He had written it as a footnote in his book that Qutb had worked on two books which was intended not to be published. He had said that Qutb was essentially building a group of his. He had taught thousands of people his ideology and concept that the West lived a godless life. And well, you know, most Muslim countries were theocratic, that is they operated based on religion. Karen Armstrong had written in her book, Islam, ‘the political assassinations, civil wars, invasions and rise and fall of the ruling dynasties were not divorced from the religious quest, but were of essence of the Islamic quest’. The West had very distorted images of the Prophet Mohammed and Islam in general, and consequently Muslims begin to feel that their religion is in danger. And so some fundamentalists formed terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and even Nigeria’s Boko Haram.”

“How did the books get into the libraries? I found this first one in the US Library of congress and this second one in The British Library, here in London.”
“Lynn Douglas read the books and decided that the information in the book is very dangerous and does not want anyone to figure it out, so he separated and kept them in different libraries. Unknown to him, he was followed and killed on his way home. The killers were experts as they had staged his death to be an accident. So the world kept asking the wrong questions.”
“But how do you know?”

“When you begin to ask the right questions, you’ll find the right answers. The police knew he was murdered, but they were asked to keep quiet about it by the CIA. The murderers were never found.”
“I don’t buy this. The CIA knows about this?”, I was filled with incredulity. His stories were too incredible.

“Yes, of course. The CIA had done the best thing. What do you expect? The CIA should reveal to the world that Lynn Douglas was murdered because he had uncovered some books which reveals how Qutb planned to destroy the world?”
“Fair point. But why do we still have these attacks? I mean, the CIA must have a copy of this book. They know more about these attacks, so they should know how to stop them.”

“Actually, the CIA doesn’t have the book. Sayyid Qutb was very secretive about these two books. Also, Lynn Douglas didn’t reveal the names of the books. The CIA tailed Lynn Douglas but didn’t know what to look for? And with the number of books in the Library of Congress, it would be impossible to find”, he said and took a deep breath, then said, “Let me have a good look at the books”
“I have read both of them. It contains the dates and places where Sayyid Qutb had planned to invade. The man is a genius. Well, he had planned a long period of time where many people who were willing to fight for the religion would be recruited and trained. It was also a period of time when weapons were purchased. Then, according to this book, the terrorists should make worldwide recognition on September 11th, 2001”, I said.

“The 9/11!”, Jackson exclaimed remembering what had happened that day. It was horrific. The 9/11 was a series of attacks led by the terrorist group, Al-Qaeda. Four passenger airlines operated by two major US passenger air carriers were hijacked by 19 Al-Qaeda’s terrorists and two of the planes were crashed into the North and South towers of the World Trade Centre complex in New York city. Within two hours, both buildings collapsed, a third plane was crashed into the Pentagon, the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense. A total of 2, 977 victims were killed and all 19 hijackers died. 6000 others were injured, and had costed about $10 billion in property and infrastructural damage and $3 trillion in total costs. Osama Bin Laden had claimed responsibility for the attacks and said the attacks were carried out because, “we are free…and want to regain freedom for our nation. As you undermine our security, we undermine yours”, Bin Laden had said he personally directed his followers to attack the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. 

“If only the CIA could have gotten this. If only this Lynn Douglas had given this book to the right people”, I said, “But how could the terrorists plan events according to this book when apparently, the only copy had been in The British Library and The Library of Congress.”
“Lynn had no idea the content of the book would leak to the enemies. Perhaps, there was another copy owned by the terrorists”, Jackson said. 

I wiped my tears and said, pointing to the book, “There’s this one too of London attack on 7th of July, 2005.”

Jackson’s eyes widened with incredulity, “the 7/7”

“And here of 13th of November attacks on Paris, France and Beirut, Lebanon.”


“And of the 2017 attacks on London, and Manchester”

Jackson was shocked. “This means that the terrorists had been following this book precisely. And since we have information on the future, we may know how to stop them. All we need is to deliver this information to the right hands.”

“No! Jackson, you don’t understand. It might be too late to save the world”, I said sadly.

“What are you not telling me?”

“In four months, according to this book, all terrorist groups would make the most horrific attack. And Jackson, it’s not just one place. It’s going to be a worldwide attack.”
“But that’s not possible. Their powers can’t reach that high. They cannot conquer the world.”

“Yes, they can. Conquering the world cannot happen overnight, of course, but we should remember that these terrorists didn’t have a night for this. They have been waiting for this moment for over 50 years. They now know the Achilles’ heel of the world government.”
“I’m afraid you may be right. Does the book mention any particular date?”, Jackson asked.

“Yes, it did. November 13th, 2017”, I said as though I was pronouncing a death statement.

“But that’s exactly two years after the Paris attack of 2015. How valid is this book anyway?”, he said and I looked at him. I wondered if he truly doubted the validity of the book. 

“Very valid. The White House released earlier this year a list of terrorist attacks since 2014 and I have checked all of them with the book. They are in total agreement”, I said. 
“Jackson, what do we do?”, I asked him. I was exhausted. I knew I had opened what I shouldn’t have. But maybe it was good I did. But many things didn’t feel right? Why hadn’t the CIA been unable to find this book? They have thousands of agents. Hundreds of them could search every book in the damned library till the book they need is found. Why had I gone to the library in the first place? Now, I remember. I had gone there to find books on Africa I could use for my blog. 

“First, we go back to America, then we report our findings to the CIA”, he said, “I have a friend who is an agent. CIA started this with the death of Lynn Douglas and they’d end it.”

“But isn’t that stupid? I mean these terrorist groups have infiltrate everywhere. So many rich politicians were sponsoring these so-called Islamic militants. Even though I believe he was bluffing, President Donald Trump did claim during the electoral campaign that the then President Barrack Obama and Hilary Clinton had founded the terrorist groups. The people in high positions know something about these terrorists. What if, in our attempt to give the information to the right hand, we release it to evil itself?”, I argued.

“Well, what better option do we have? No matter what these politicians want, they sure wouldn’t want to lose their lives.”

“I suggest we share the information to the media”, I said, ignoring his logical point.

“Imagine what we would cause. Imagine the chaos that would result from that, Halema. The media is the right arm of anarchy. People will flee and they’ll have no place to run to. We’ll only do more harm than good if we do that.”

“Okay. Let’s have it your way”, I said, agreeing with him. 

 We flew to America and we handed the manuscripts to the proper hands in the CIA…

In the hospital bed, I was. I checked the calendar. It’s November 1st. The war had begun. The world has 12 days left.