“I consider myself an atheist because science is more convincing than God.” -Stephen Hawking. 

Since the beginning of the 20th century, many people began to feel that there is no place for God in the universe. They have began to hail theories like evolution and claim that it has replaced God. Now, in the 21st century, atheism has become something that has grown wide scale. Many do not believe in the existence of a creator. 

According to a study which I do not have a link to, atheists are actually more intelligent than the religious ones. This is quite interesting, actually. In some articles I’ve written last year, I figured out that faith and reason have to do with one’s IQ. A person with a low IQ depends more on faith than reason. While a person with a high IQ believes more in reason. It is such a person who would go to such lengths to prove that the earth is not flat! It is easier to believe than not to believe. This is shown in the way little children behave. Their brain has not developed to start doubting. Let’s say they have no reason not to believe what they have been told. This means that it is a bit ‘harder’ not to believe in a creator than to believe so when an atheist claims to be correct for he is more intelligent than the religious folk, he isn’t lying. This is also the reason why only few people can be atheists. A person like Stephen Hawking is an atheist because he depends so much in reason that faith seems redundant. 

“The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will make you an atheist,but at the bottom of the glass,God is waiting for you.”-Werner Heisenberg

Are Atheists correct in their view?

The first question we need to ask is that, “why do atheists become atheists?” The answer is fairly simple. They had problems with religion. There are so many conflicting ideas in religion and not so many people can hold that. Hawking, for example, is a person who believes in what agrees with observation. In my former post, I discussed about how the Genesis account of creation says that light, stars and the sun would have to be created after the earth has been created. This does not agree with observation as the earth would have to be created after the big bang. You would understand me if you click here. 

Another point I want to raise is that, in the book of revelation, it was said that a star would fall from the sky and make the water in the river bitter and people would die drinking from it. But, we all know that stars are usually very massive and bigger more than the earth. If a star would indeed fall, it would wipe out the entire planet. 

Maybe we should stick to Galileo’s belief that if the Bible doesn’t correspond to observations,it was being allegorical. 

Now that brings us to this question, if the atheists could debunk such stories in the Bible, could they debunk God?

Not quite. And I have my explanation for that. 

Do God really exist?

In Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons, Robert Langdon was asked if he believed in God. He had wanted to talk about the stories in the Bible but Vittoria Betta told him she hadn’t asked him what humans thought about Him, but if he felt that  there is really a God.
“Mr. Langdon, I did not ask if you believe what man says about God. I asked if you believed in God. There is a difference. Holy scripture is stories . . . legends and history of man’s quest to understand his own need for meaning. I am not asking you to pass judgment on literature. I am asking if you believe in God. When you lie out under the stars, do you sense the divine? Do you feel in your gut that you are staring up at the work of God’s hand?” [1]
I want to set out to do exactly what Vittoria Vetra had asked. To prove that there truly is a God, we’ll have to dive through everything that is in existence. 

The Universe

According to the big bang theory the universe began about 13.8 billion years ago and this was the birth of space and time. From the big bang theory account, the early universe had created matter and antimatter. Antimatter is just like matter but is made of antiparticles. The important thing to note now is that when matter and antimatter gets in contact with each other, they cancel each other out in a process we call annihilation. Photons of light would be created when matter and antimatter annihilates. Now, you would know that if matter and antimatter are created in equal quantities, they would cancel each other out, leaving no matter left for creation and yet we’re here and our wonderful universe is  here. This is because matter was created in more quantities than antimatter so we live. Why matter was produced in more quantities may be explained in the laboratory but it’s very effect had created you and I. So there is no mistake about it, it has the finger print of someone.

I can’t remember where I’ve read it but I know I read that the universe is bigger than our imagination. No matter how big we imagine the universe to be, the universe is bigger than that. Now, this is because the universe has been expanding since the big bang. If energy can be transformed into matter, we could say an infinite energy created the universe at the big bang. The universe is really very big. 
The universe seems to work in accordance to some rules that free will seems to be an illusion. I mean nothing can travel faster than light. This has been proved a lot of times even in particle accelerators like the LHC – large Hadron Collider. Particles have been accelerated and they have been found never to reach the speed of light even if more energy is supplied. The reason why light does this is known but it’s effect is significant.

Now, we know that light travels faster than anything else in the universe. Yet, the universe is so big that it takes light years to get to us from some stars. 

Speaking of stars, there would be about millions of them in the milky way galaxy only. Now think of how many they are in the universe! 

If we continue to talk about the universe we’d get bored so let’s leave astronomy for the astronomers. 

Right before we leave astronomy, let’s talk about our beautiful planet. The position of earth seems to be unique. Earth seems to be the only planet in the whole universe which supports life. Mars, our neighbour planet, has many earth-like features and might support life except that water is missing. Water is vital for life, at least lives on earth. Humans have search for extraterrestrial life and have found none. I personally do not believe in aliens. I have the selfish view that earth has to be the only planet that will support life and so far I have been right.

 Every other planet which seems to be like earth in many ways have some features that will make it totally inhospitable for life. For example, if you’re the type that follows science news a lot, you would know that a particular planet in another galaxy that have been watched for years to be like earth is revealed to be most inhospitable in the sense that it is very hot. Our position is unique. 

But we haven’t evaluated that enough to move to another point. If we had been closer to the sun, we would die of heat and if we had been farther, cold would be dominant. Even though we’re at some 150 million kilometres away from the sun, we’re hit by some powerful UV rays which would really harm us but we have a protection which is the ozone layer which takes most of the harmful rays. The sun is a very important source of energy as it is needed for many things ranging from photosynthesis to our solar panels. We seem to be at a position which we could utilise energy from the sun most properly.

Living things are things that have life in them. Even though the universe is great, there’s nothing as remarkable as life and I want to only point some facts about it. I don’t want to bore us with lengthy things. 

Now, the relationship between some animals is rather interesting. Some act in a way to harm the other, that is parasitism while others act for either mutual benefit or benefit of one pair. I wouldn’t want to talk about mutualism here, if you want to you can google it yourself. Some animals seems to live with other animals in a way that each animal’s activity would benefit the other. Quite interesting, isn’t it? 

There are some interesting fits performed by animals that engineers have been imitating the animals to create things. Before aeroplanes were invented, birds flew. Ants are known for their abilities to garden. Some bacteria have internal clocks in them. Birds knew what to do to properly incubate eggs before we invented incubators. Fish’s body structure was imitated for making streamlined cars to reduce friction. 
Lets talk about the most remarkable of all, the human brain which contains about millions of cell. Without going technical, we can see for ourselves what the human mind is capable of. We have even left the earth to travel to distant planets!

Charles Darwin said of the eye [when much wasn’t even known of it] that “to think the eyes have been a product of evolution is absurd in the highest order”. I wonder what he would say about the human brain which is so powerful that it could handle emotions, understand languages, develop artistic abilities, and other things. 

There’s even a myth that we could do a lot with our mind if we train it well. 

An interesting thing I would say last is about the placebo effect which deals with the fact that the human brain can heal the body. Cancer patients have been given ordinary drugs and have been told that the drugs were really cancer drugs and this have achieved a lot. 


With what I have said above, I believe we should know we’re ingrates if we do not acknowledge the creator of all this because it is fairly obvious that these things have to be done by someone. 

You’re probably reading this with a mobile phone. We should remember that these phones were created by someone. They don’t just exist by themselves. As complex as our phones might seem to us, they don’t even near the complexity of life. There needs to be a creator because all the things that exist has to be created who is very great. Someone with infinite energy to create the universe which probably has no boundaries. There has to be a God. 

“All the while, you proclaim the church is ignorant. But who is more ignorant? The man who cannot define lightning, or the man who does not respect its awesome power? This church is reaching out to you. 

Reaching out to everyone. And yet the more we reach, the more you push us away. Show me proof there  is God, you say. I say use your telescopes to look to the heavens, and tell me how there could not be a God! You ask what does God look like. I say, where did that question come from? The answers are one and the same. Do you not see God in your science? How can you miss Him! You proclaim that even the slightest change in the force of gravity or the weight of an atom would have rendered our universe a lifeless mist rather than our magnificent sea of heavenly bodies, and yet you fail to see God’s hand in this? Is it really so much easier to believe that we simply chose the right card from a deck of billions? Have we become so spiritually bankrupt that we would rather believe in mathematical impossibility than in a power greater than us?”[2]

Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, 2000.